Artsik Original Soundtracks

Artsik provides high-quality audio engineering and production to customers around the world. We have been working in this field since 2007 and have worked with companies such as Gameaudio labs, CCP Gaming and Balt Extrusion. By creating tailor-made productions we aim to satisfy every need your company may have. We are specialized in original soundtrack production, moving image and sound design but we also cater to other types of work.

To create a lasting impression of your project, sound plays a vital role. Our aim is to add energetic and modern sound to your moving image. Artsik also proposes the content of it’s consented community of artists with partner distributors in order to feature the original works in all types of appropriate medias such as movies, short & long films, TV series, videos games, mobile applications, logo introduction animations, cartoons, commercials, trailers and many more formats.

Get in touch with us to use one of the projects on artsik or work on a customized project.

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Previous work

Original Soundtrack for Dust 514 expansion trailer (Sound only).
Intransikbeats Records artists collaboration.


Original Soundtrack for “Master of Meteor Blades” expansion Trailer (Sound Only).
Intransikbeats & GameAudio Labs Collaboration.


Short logo animation for Balt Extrusion (Visual + Sound).
Intransikbeats artists collaboration.

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