Shrouded In Mist | 12″ Vinyl EP

IBR001 | November 23, 2017

Pre-Order a copy of “Shrouded In Mist” 12″ vinyl out on 23rd of november 2017 to support Intransikbeats Records!
To launch the takeoff of the Intransikbeats label the aim was to distill Intransik’s influences to form a body of forward thinking musical output.
Inspirations drawn from contemporary experimental and classical music are intelligently applied to Intransik’s Techno universe. We have been working hard towards the release of this record and are very excited to be able to present it to you in physical form this fall.

The EP opens up with the track “Mist”, a contribution from label heads Steven and Vince Lorenz. Eerie pads and ambiance, stabbing percussion and an ever-rolling bassline build up to a mangled piano hook that keeps you on your toes throughout the track. Next up “Sound of Light” by Steven Lorenz further intensifies the journey by descending in to a concoction of processed field recordings that display roaring industrial howls. Tension builds throughout the track and it reaches momentary points of hazy brightness.

On B1 shattering metallic percussion of “The Tunnel” set the tone for a futuristic landscape painted by Manchester based duo CRCT-CTRL. Sirens, screeches and hydraulic machines place the listener in a world of automation and control that is about to collapse. Last but not least Berlin based duo Nothing is Real trips us down the rabbit hole with their track “Hunter”. Haunting vocals, drones and tribal induced percussion leave you wandering otherworldly planes.

Photography by Julie Jaimond

Mastered by Pier-Durk Hogeterp at Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands

℗ Intransikbeats Records 2017
© Intransikbeats Records 2017 All rights reserved

  • A1. Steven Lorenz & Vince Lorenz - Mist (Original Mix)
  • A2. Sound of light - Steven Lorenz (Original Mix)
  • B1. CRCT-CTRL - The Tunnel (Original Mix)
  • A2. Nothing Is Real - Hunter (Original Mix)
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