Paris based Vince Lorenz is a founding member of Intransikbeats Records. Ever since he started releasing music in 2008 he made a name for himself mainly as a producer, playing a major part in shaping and defining the Intransikbeats concept.
Vince Lorenz found his passion for electronic music at an early age after loosing interest in common mainstream sounds. He was first introduced to it when he discovered House and Techno in the early 2000’s. After starting to produce tracks he ventured into different genres and has found a unique way of encapsulating elements of various influences into his sound.
Nowadays he produces intelligent Techno in its’ various forms. He has developed a unique way of mixing raw, industrial and cleaner soulful elements, inviting his audience to join him in his abyssal atmosphere.
Often collaborating with various artists from all over the globe, he is always on the lookout for fresh sounds and keeps organizing quality projects.


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