James Lealand is a member of the Intransikbeats crew, an international record label and collective of DJs and producers. He manages the monthly event Bassment at the Shelter (Shanghai,China) during which he supports the likes of Answer Code Request, Trus’me,  Truncate. During his sets he showcases his highly educated selection of Techno with its’ many influences, channeling his early rave experiences. His sound is often dark and driving with a funky twist to it but also hypnotic and atmospheric.

James first experienced dance music through the rave scene in the UK and the hardcore breaks that were being played there. With his roots in the 90’s rave and warehouse scene he first started DJing in London at squat parties. Having found great interested in the music scene he began working at a London record shop called Kinetec Records. During his time there he was exposed to huge amounts of early Acid House and Techno but also immersed himself in the various offshoots of the rave scene like Jungle, Trance, Breaks and Hardcore. He went on to work at a vinyl distributor and set up an event at the legendary 414 in Brixton with Acid Steve and Biri Night which spawned numerous residencies and guest slots, including being invited to play at the world famous Brixton Academy no less than five times as well as some of London’s other well known venues.

Upon his arrival in China James Lealand was quickly drawn to the Shanghai’s vibrant underground scene and soon found himself working alongside many of Shanghai’s artists surrounding The Shelter, Shanghai’s most influential underground venue. He also has hosted several events at various other locations throughout the city and has made several appearances at Shanghai’s MIDI Festival. His musical home however remains at the Shelter where he continues to represent the Intransikbeats philosophy.

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