About Artsik

Artsik is a 100 % independent & digital multi-art showcase platform especially dedicated and designed for official, innovating music record labels and their pre-selected roster of talented artists.

We provide all the necessary tools for a record label to establish itself properly on the web, a customizable website with it’s backstage, acting as a modern digital exhibition and shop of your entire catalogue (Vinyl & CD stocks, Digital stats, live performances and art installation), but also as a backup cloud support to your project. It thrives on promoting and distributing consistent high-quality audio productions supported by refined visual creations, presenting original projects with a distinct artistic vision.

Artsik also proposes the content of it’s consented community of artists with partner distributors in order to feature the original works in all types of appropriate medias such as movies, short & long films, TV series, videos games, mobile applications, logo introduction animations, cartoons, commercials, trailers and many more formats.

The Artsik A&R team collaborates with record labels that are serious about the management of their artists and it’s content display as a whole. These labels are either legally registered as a company, music publishers, artist associations or collaboratives to facilitate the financial aspects of the revenue distribution in a transparent way for all.

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