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Intransikbeats Records is a French label that has been active as a collective since 2008. Starting out as group of independent artists and DJs, involved in and fostering the alternative music scene in Shanghai, China where Intransik has been fortunate enough to be able to host events for many years.
Meanwhile our roster of artists has released on several international labels. During this time a shared vision of textural and murky soundscapes developed and has been engrained in Intransik’s musical identity since then.

Sound design and audio engineering is an integral part of the team’s creative output. Naturally this curiosity in original soundtracks and post production lead to the involvement in creating and applying various sonic concepts to different media projects.
We have made it our goal to try to capture the sound of these events and the musical output of the artists involved. This vision will be showcased on our label and upcoming vinyl releases starting, along with label events, art installations and vaious cross-media projects

Dark Techno, Minimal, Dub Techno

Minimal Entropy (Netherland)
Steven Lorenz (France)
Vince Lorenz (France)
Fakir (Netherland)
CRCT-CTRL (United Kingdom)
Nothing Is Real (Germany)

General Manager
Vincent Riou

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